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“Home is not a place it’s a feeling” this simply explains that we have to feel and live each and every moment we spend in our home and this can be achieved only when our home is designed and decorated in a most alluring and pleasing way.  When comes the word “Decorate” many things clicks in our mind with which we can decorate our home like furniture, wall arts, paintings, vases, mirrors, wall shelves and candle holders.

Do you ever realized that you can illuminate your home in most distinctive manner with colorful Candle holders? Here is an ingenious answer to this: nowadays many varieties of colorful candle holders are available online .When you lit a candle in Candle holder of metal frame with colorful glass votive that can surely change the serenity of any room.

Candle Holder Lantern Wall Candle holder

Candle holders are one of the most Elegant and sophisticated décor accessory. You can find candle holders for every room and corner of your home. It could be a table top, Hanging, floor standing or even wall mounted. Candle holders come in various varieties. Like: Lanterns, Candle stands, Hurricanes, Candle bases etc.

Candle holders can be placed anywhere in your home be it a living room, bedroom, dining room, balcony, patio or garden. Candle holders are available to use with Pillar candles, taper candles, Votive or Tea light candles. Also you will find a candle holder for any mood or occasion whether it’s a private dinner, party, wedding, or even a spiritual ceremony.

Candle holders serve majorly two purposes: first, they are an excellent decorative choice for any room, secondly they gives a cozy and vibrant feel when lit.

The main concern with most of the candle holders available in India are: either they are pure traditional handicrafts (that we see in most of the houses) or they are highly expensive. We at want to fill that gap and offering a Fusion of Indian craftsmanship with Modern eclectic interpretation at very reasonable prices. Our candle holders are proudly made in India and Inspired by the bestselling designs worldwide.

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